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About Me

A little about who I am

My name is Shay McLaughlin. I’ve been creating and designing websites since I could type on a computer. Along with an almost life-long love for creating websites, I thoroughly enjoy creating music (which is probably my favorite thing in the world). If I were to trace it all back, all this love for creating came from that rugged blue plastic bin filled with thousands and thousands of Legos (that I still have today, though the blue bin has been exchanged for something a little more sturdy). From castles to spaceships, I would spend countless hours just creating and building with Legos. Even to this day, there will be times where I’ll sit down and just start piecing together different Lego blocks to get my creativity flowing. However, lately it seems that I resort to musical endeavors to get that creativity flowing.

Through all of this and at the end of the day, I strive to better my abilities and skills. So I'm adding digital photography and videography to my list of creative escapes, and I'll continue to learn and grow as much as possible. I use all of this to be able to have a well rounded craft. This all leads to one final thing: Me being able to develop and design the best possible product and make it feel more than just a product -- to make it feel alive.


The things I've created or have helped create.


Re-design and Development

Re-Designed and Developed within Wordpress as well as added custom Javascript.

Go To KJJJFM.com


Design and Development

Designed and Developed within Tumblr. As well as used HTML5 audio with Javascript.

Go To Ibeforegiants.com/epk


Send me a message!

Unfortunately, unexpected problems with the contact form arose. You can send an e-mail at shay.mclaughlin@gmail.com or send me a message on my Facebook!