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  • Role: Re-Design and Partial Developer

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A little about who I am

My name is Shay McLaughlin, and I’m 22 years old. I’m currently working towards a degree in marketing and advertising. I’ve been creating and designing websites since I could type on a computer. Along with an almost life long love for creating websites, I thoroughly enjoy creating music. If I were to trace it all back, all this love for creating came from that blue plastic bin filled with thousands and thousands of Legos (that I still have today). From castles to spaceships, I would spend countless hours just creating and building with Legos. Even to this day, I’ll sit down and just start piecing together different Lego blocks to get my creativity flowing.

One of the most enjoyable moments in life for me is when I find the perfect design for a website and make it feel alive. So my goal, for you, is to create something that transcends to more than just a website -- to create a portal for your customers to get to know you and your business.

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